Why Choose Us
Wanhua as China top ecoboard producer to non formaldehdye free emission wheat straw particleboard, dedicated to pioneering the development of healthy home bulidings materials that do good thing to people and the environment. Certified by CARB NAF and EPA. We are the biggest manufacturer in China that currently produces strawboard is our business relation, which was founded in Feb, 2006. The company strictly adheres to the doctrine Utilizing One-hectare Straws, Protecting a Forest, Innovating the Green Material Industry, taking up with development and application of zero-formaldehyde straw, to reduce the natural resources waste and protect forestry and environment.
Boards of Wanhua Ecoboard is the new generation mdf fiberboards 100 % environment friendly. ECOBoards are NOT made from WOOD but uses agricultural fibers, residue or are left-over from harvests, a product that is usually burned as a waste problem. Using the advanced processing technology, the result is a board that is far superior to MDF or particleboards on the market today.
Environment friendly ECOBoards are 100% biodegradable or recyclable to an equal product and therefore fits in a Cradle to Cradle (C2C) sustainable environment.
Healthy living environment ECOBoards are bonded using 3% Non Added Formaldehyde Resin (NAF) instead of 10-25% Formaldehyde glue like traditional boards that emit formaldehyde toxin during their lifetime. Wanhua ECOBoards conforms to the stringent health norm E0, Japan F**** and CARB 2 standard, production is Carbon neutral.
Extremely Water Resistant Unlike traditional wood-based panels ECOoards are up to three times more resistant to moisture and it can be specified for use in the most strenuous humid interior conditions where dimensional stability and retained strength are of great importance. Some examples of application would be kitchen & bathroom furniture, skirting boards, moldings, wall cladding, shelving and flooring.
Extremely Fire Retardant Standard ECOBoards are untreated already 20 min fire retardant, non rated and 30-, 60-minute fire ratings available. In a diverse range of applications they fully replace MDF, Hardboard and Softboard, OSB, Fiberboards, Multiplex, Plywood and many more. We have benchmarked the new panel material against wood base materials in terms of strength and specification. These can be cross-referenced to any international standard such as GB/T 21723-2008, GB/T-18580-2001 but for less weight.
Key features
*Zero-formaldehyde: real zero releasing, CARB certified, superior to E0 Standard of Europe, and complies with strict F****Standard of Japan.
*Superior Performance: Waterproof, mothproof, lighter, more stable, easy for surface process as pressing and lacquering.
*Wide Application: Furniture, Decoration, Home, Construction, etc
*Environmental Protection: EP for Raw Materials, Production Process and Finished Products.
Specs:1220mmX2440mmX5mm-40mm (thickness may be customized)
ECOBoard panels are used within the Building/Construction Industry The excellent strength to weight ratio of the ECOBoard panels, eases panel handling on the construction site. ECOBoard panels have a moisture/fire resistance better than standard MDF and particle board. It is highly suited for usage in the most strenuous humid domestic interior conditions, where dimensional stability and retained strength are of great importance. Examples are.
ECOBoard panels are manufactured using MDI polyurethane as a binding agent, which produces a No Added Formaldehyde material. ECOBoards are therefore suitable for specification in environmentally sensitive areas or any domestic application where the end user has concern for their living environment.
Wanhua Ecoboard Co.,Ltd consists of six branch companies: Beijing Wanhua Ecoboard R&D center, Wanhua Ecoboard(Jingzhou) Co.,Ltd, Wanhua Ecoboard(Xinyang) Co.,Ltd, Wanhua Ecoboard(Qixia)Co.,Ltd, Wanhua Ecoboard(Chongqing) Co., Ltd and WanHua Woodworking machinery(Xinyang)Co.,Ltd. We have a complete set of facilities and excellent staff for the research, development and manufacturing of straw board products, devices and adhesives.